Paint colour and your inner self

Paint Colour and Your Inner Self

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Paint colour and your inner self

  What does paint colour and your inner self have in relation? What does it tell about you? At home, you probably might see a recurring theme, or a colour that happens more often then others. It could be a sky of blue, or a grass of green. The glow of sunset or the neutrality of white. Paint colour is an expression of your personality. So what is yours? Click through the pages to find out.   [/nextpage] [nextpage title="You Like Soft and Warm Shades" ]

You Like Soft and Warm Shades

Paint colour and your inner self   Warm colours are represented by sunshine and roaring fires, yellow and orange. Softer warm colours are peach and pink. These colours tend to give the feeling of cheerfulness and hospitality. As such, it tends to spill over to people who gravitate to such colours. People who use warm tones tend to be friendly and nurturing. They welcome visitors with open arms and love having people over. Setting your eyes on these colours makes you feel happy and fuzzy inside. The colours leap at you and make rooms painted in these shades feel more intimate. Paint colour and your inner self

Warm colours tend to also possess a luminous quality that energizes and stimulates conversation and appetite. However, some people do feel that warm colours can be cloying. Some people feel warm colours are too "heaty" or "hot" and feel restless in them. To counter balance, mix in cool blue gray or green furnishings. Lighter shades of your favourite colours can also help.


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Soft and Cool Hues Resonates With You

Paint colour and your inner self  

Soft and cool hues are colours such as blue, indigo and green shades. These colours are very tied in with nature and therefore resonate with our reactions accordingly. As such, people tend to associate lavenders, pale to medium blues and greens with the flowers, skies, bodies of water or wide-open field. They tend to bring out cathartic, tranquil and soothing feelings. Due to their low intensity compared to warm and bright colours, these shades are easier on the eye and presents a good option for people who spend a lot of time working in bright or harsh conditions.

If you are a cool-eyed person and love this range of colours, you tend to think of your home as a sanctuary. It is an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the world. It could also hint at your more introverted and introspective nature. Thinkers and people who are very comfortable with themselves will veer towards these colours. To ensure your room do not become too "chilly" and cold, use earthy and light shades of warm colours to balance it out. Good colours can be hints of yellow, orange or brown in the form of your furniture and furnishing.[/nextpage]

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Jewel Tone Lovers


Jewel tones are colours that reflects the lustre and shades of precious stones. We are talking about ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, topaz. These are classy and elegant colours. It turns heads and makes people's gaze linger that few moments more. These colours tend to be about glitz and glamour and will not be out of place in a Hollywood red carpet event at all. It shouts confidence, creativity and infers an outgoing nature for people who are attracted to these colours. If you are one of these people, then you can be said to be the type who want to feel inspired by your environments and thrive on the stimulation provided. Jewel colours also help minimize flaws with their saturated colour. They make a plain room with little architectural interest feel glamorous. It also creates intimacy and play up the coziness in a small room.


For example, painting a room with dark shades of blue or brown makes it confining and moody. However, using sapphire would create a dynamic and enveloping effect. This is due to its brightness and warm feel. Yet with its deep shade of red, it does not come as overly bright or warm. To achieve a holistic feel with jewel colours, utilise neutral or colours with similar intensity as counterpoints. To ensure you do not overdo the colour start with places you don't spend a lot of time in. Good places will be hallway, powder rooms and dining room.[/nextpage]

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Love the Neutrals

Paint colour and your inner self

Neutral colour is an all time classic. They represent an immutable feeling, a sense of permanence. They correspond with rocks along coastlines and monuments of granite. If you love this type of shades, then you can be said to be a practical and even-keeled minimalist. You tend to not repaint your room frequently and keep it that way. An interesting tip would also be that earthy tones such as these would allow you to be more creative in your accessories and furnishings. Therefore, if you happen to be a colour oriented person, use of neutrals can really help you to be creative in your objects.

Paint colour and your inner self

However, for people who are not into myriads of colours, you can still spruce up your neutral abode with some clever use of tonal shades and textures. For example, use of striped carpet on plain flooring. Or earthy feature walls to break up the monotony of stretches of neutrals. Other methods include combining smooth and nubby fabrics with glass, metal, wood and mirrored surfaces. Avoid letting your neutral environment from feeling sterile and boring and you will maintain the perfect balance. For people who are not sure what type of colours they might like, check our colour chart page to get a feel of the different types of colours available. [/nextpage]
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