Colours and how they heal us

Colours and How They Heal Us

It is said light and colours are ancient remedies. So lets talk about colours and how they heal us.

"Colours are the properties of an object that produces different sensations to an eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light."

That is the official scientific definition given. You might have read on the meaning of colours from us before and found it interesting. But it also a fact that colours elicit different emotions and feelings from people. A branch of this understanding of colours lead to the study of using light and colour for the healing of mind, body and spirit. This brings us to the idea of Chromotherapy, or colour therapy.

Different colours have various effects on the mind and body. Research shows organic and physical reactions in direct relations to colours. In modern day context, colours are also know to stimulate emotions and feelings. Here are some examples:

Red - Vitality and Passion

Orange - Optimism and Expansion

Green - Healing and Growth

Yellow - Joy and Creativity

Colour's Healing Effects

Chromotherapy uses colour in conjunction with emotional and mental response to heal the body. Here is how its done:

  1. Red is used to stimulate and increase the action of arterial blood. "Red drugs", such as Capsicum, cloves, musk, red cedar and balsam of Peru possess blood circulation stimulating effects and increases oxygen absorption in the blood. Interestingly, glasses and paints in the shades of red help to uplift and excite patients. There are cases of people recovering from paralytic state just by use of red coloured baths and red light therapy.
  2. "Yellow drugs" are emetics. That is they cause purgatives effects such as vomiting and laxation. Examples of such drugs are Indian hemp, May apple, Blood root and Senna. The colour itself helps patients in recovering from colds, chronic bronchial irritations and illness related to respiratory issues. Usually sunlight enhanced through yellow glass and yellow objects or walls are used to aid in this. Drinking water stored in yellow wine bottles have been known to help treat severe constipation too.
  3. In the cool range of colours such as blue and violet, we have effects that help to bring down body heat and illness associated with it. Aconite, ergot, belladonna and ergot are used to counter the effects of diarrhea, diuresis and delirium. A hybrid of yellow and blue drug, green tea, possesses both effects of antioxidant and astringent. Blue light colour therapy has helped heal scaitica and complex case of lung hemorrhage. Blue and white used in conjunction helps with nervousness, rheumatism and invalidism.

Best Colour for Different Body Parts

Here is a quick overview of what colours are best for what portion of your body.

  1. Lower Limb Disorders - Warm colours such as orange and orange red
  2. Neck and Thorax - Cobalt blue for its cooling and heat properties
  3. Digestive Disorder - Red and yellow colours to stimulate digestive juices. Blue and Violet to excite the saliva glands.
  4. Brain and Nerves - Cooling and soothing colours such as blue, violet and indigo.


Do everything in moderation however, and understand how colours may not be suitable in certain situations. When a person is:

  • Irritable/Over-Excited - Do not use warm colours such as red, yellow or orange tones
  • Suffering from high fever, inflammation, palpitations and neuralgia - Do not use warm colours
  • Suffering from gout, paralysis, rheumatism or cold - Do not use cool colours such as blue, indigo and violet
  • Depressed - Avoid using too much cool colours.

Hope this article was interesting and let you in a bit more on how colours can heal. If you are looking for a range of colours you can use for painting your room, you can check out this colour chart.

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Colours and how they heal us

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