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A Bit About Ourselves

Amricco is a Singapore based local company with a dream to some day make it abit less local. As people who believe in back to basics, you can say we work on anything that is DIY based. We even help the good folks who do this for a professional living.

If you are passionate about hardware, tools, colours and even good painting and home repairs etiquette, then you have come to the right place. Be it at home or work,  we shouldn’t compromise on any effort spent on it. After all, these two places are where we spend a better part of our lives. We are anything and everything to do with all things related to hardware, tools and handyman fix!

Our supply department aims to supply the best fit tool and supplies to its customer in a timely and affordable fashion. Our vision is to become the partner for every person's inner craftsmen, to provide them the tools to express their work.

On the handyman and services side, our folks strive to maintain and fix your belongings and properties in a timely manner, with a heavy dose of utmost care. After all, we dream to be everybody's premier handyman service choice for all your jobs, regardless of scale and size.

Amricco prides itself as a total solutions firm. From products to services, we like to think that we can help you out with any problems you might have. With the likes of Jotun, Nippon, Montana, Pard & Elora, we are backed by some impressive brands in their respective categories. Coupled with our value added services and consulting nous, the results tend to be great. Otherwise, let us know and we will make it good for you.

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