Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall Ideas

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Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall Ideas

Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall Ideas. Another Eid is upon us — also known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Hari Raya Puasa celebrations! Once again, 1.6 billion Muslims from all around the world celebrate the end of another month of abstinence training and reflection during the month of Ramadan in the Islamic lunar calendar. It’s often celebrated with food and social gatherings over three days, and for some communities, up to a month! If you plan to host an event on or in the days proceeding Hari Raya Aidilfitri, from a meetup, to a workshop or conference, or even a house party, consider adding a touch of decorative flair to evoke the aesthetics of the celebration. Doing so can give Muslim attendees a warm fuzzy feeling at your thoughtfulness, and provide attendees unfamiliar with the festival an introduction to other cultures!   Here are tips on getting started in planning your event with elements of the festival of Hari Raya in mind. Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall IdeasAdorn your walls with Islamic art

Islamic art is richly influenced by a variety of cultures, namely, Greek, Egyptian, Persian,Chinese and Indian! You can spot Islamic art in architecture, calligraphy, paintings,glass work, ceramics, and textiles all over the world.The Islamic Decor provides artwork you can print for free, and also sells affordable and modern wall decals and printed artwork shipped worldwide that you can use at your event. Alternatively, if you feel inspired to design your own, Irada Arts prints customised decals.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall Ideas        Vibrant colour palettes

It follows then that green is often associated with Islamic culture and therefore Eid. But since Islamic art is so diverse and has such a long history, think also of the rich jewel colours found in the palaces of sultans, mosaics, and illuminations of the Qur’an— all the tones of blue, purple, emerald, magenta, gold, ivory, and earth.

Green fresh or moss greens work best in a hall, garden room or conservatory – rooms that link to the outside. A good way to use these shades without the effect feeling overpowering and heavy is to feature them on half a wall and choose a paler/fresher shade for rest of the wall. Darker, natural textures and tones, such as woven willow, wicker or wood, which mirror the colors of the natural world, are good partners.

  • Pick one shade of green to use throughout a room.
  • Enliven with prints and patterns on delicate botanical themes.
  • Choose textured, natural floor coverings such as coir or sisal in mid tones.
  • Mix traditional wooden or painted furniture in rustic styles with elegant accessories featuring colors or prints that link to the natural world.
Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall IdeasMuslim and non-Muslim artists alike drew inspiration from different flowers and plants. Plants were depicted in its natural form or in complicated and heavily stylised designs. Even till today, traditional Muslim clothes for women are often florally-themed. So if you’re celebrating Eid in a concrete jungle, you can’t go wrong by populating your festive Eid space with plants, flowers, and nature-themed decor in the old-school spirit of Islamic appreciation for nature! Orange is more contemporary choice than strong reds, orange works best when used in moderation – it makes a bold statement on a single wall, chimney breast or stairwell. Confined to an alcove, as shown here, it provides a striking background for a display of accessories. Add to the dramatic effect by partnering with strong geometric or tribal patterns but balance with plain natural materials and textures . Keep walls and woodwork bright white and use orange sparingly as an accent colour.     Hari Raya Home Decoration Wall Ideas All forms of Islamic art can somehow be traced back to Arabic origins, and since the Arabs were deeply interested in mathematics and astronomy, Islamic decoration often takes the form of complex repeat patterns based in geometric principles and rhythms. If you’re concerned with misappropriating Islamic culture, stick to a neutral form of decoration with mathematical shapes and delicate patterns. Rest assured, there’s lots of room there to decorate tastefully.        

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