10 Mistakes You Make When Painting Your House


10 Mistakes You Make When Painting Your House.

Taking time to educate yourself on DIY projects is a must as you will avoid a lot of mistakes that are bound to happen because of a lack of experience. Here are some basic points to keep in mind before you start painting your house.
  • Finalize your colors and buy the right quantity of paint based on the areas you want to renew. You would never want to run of paint in between a stop-start has never really worked. You will end up re-doing the complete wall.
  • Invest in the right equipment and make sure you have all the tools for the job. Without proper gear you are risking yourself of an unfinished job.
  • Primer is essential to all paint jobs. All flaws on a surface are covered by applying a primer and finishing up the surface to be painted.
  • Just like primer is important, sanding is equally important to remove burrs on the wall. In cases where the surface is very smooth sanding should be used to make the surface grippable – especially if you are painting over high gloss paint.
  • Dipping you brush completely into paint is definitely not what a professional painter would do! You need to dip the brush only two-thirds into the paint. Doing this will prevent paint wastage and make cleaning easier.
  • The painting direction is crucial to get the right surface finish on the wall. Always work your way down from the top.
  • Always use a roller to cover vast flat surfaces like the mid portion of the wall. This can be done with a brush as well but the type of finish you get with a roller is far better.
  • Never let the roller touch the floor or ceiling. Always maintain a 6 inch gap when you start applying the roller on the wall. Educate yourself on finishing touches at the joining areas.
  • Ensure adequate lighting as painting in low light can lead to ‘edge marking’ which could be due to poor visibility when you are overlapping edges.
  • Cleaning equipment and cloth are very essential to maintain a good work area. Spillage will happen every time and adequate ground cover is essential to avoid a messy floor.
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