Legionella X Viral Spray Insect Repellent 100ML

Amricco Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

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Viral-Spray is a non-greasy insect repellent made from natural ingredients to wards off insects. It contains essential oils to condition and moisturize the skin and a twin-chain qua ternary ammonium compound to kill-off 99.9999% of bacteria upon contact.

Benefits: Contains twin-chain quaternary ammonium compound. Free-flowing colourless liquid. Composition includes citronella, lavender oil, menthol, with ethyl alcohol as carrier. Pleasant lingering lavender fragrance. Clear free-flowing liquid. Non-greasy. Non-staining. Handy spray.

Areas of use:

All outdoor places where mosquito and other insects abound such as parks, beaches, reservoirs and lakes, gardens, wooded areas, school gardens and camp sites. Use indoors in areas that are mosquitoes prone. Suitable for use on both children and adults.

Directions of use: Shake the canister, point Viral-Spray at legs and arms, spray evenly and rub. May be rubbed on face and neck but avoid eyes, nose and mouth areas. Re-apply when necessary. Leaves a pleasant lingering lavender fragrance...


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