Legionella-X Viral-Rub Waterless Hand Gel 100ML

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Viral-Rub waterless anti-bacterial rub off hand sanitizer kills 99.9999% of germs that come into contact with it. It is a powerful hardworking hand gel sanitizer that continues to disinfect for some time after application. Cleans right into the pores, removing dirt and bacteria. Leaves hands feeling clean, smooth and fresh with no sticky after-feel. Viral-Rub has a fruity mint fragrance and comes is in either 110ml and 5 litres pump.

Directions for Use Hold the can upright about 1cm from hand and pump Viral-Rub directly onto hands. Rub all over the hands and fingers until the gel precipitates. Rub further to remove all residue of dirt and bacteria.

As a protective glove, spread gel all over hands and allow to dry without rubbing. Gel will dry, harden and protect. It forms a thin shiny protective layer of an invisible glove, protecting your hands from all germs. Test Report Legionella-X Vrial-Rub passed the Modified Kelsey Sykes Capacity Test Option For Hospital Grade Disinfect.ant SGH Lab Test Report No : C301/03 and is both ozone and environmental friendly..

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