Jotun Gardex Semigloss Wood and Metal Paint 5L

Amricco Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd


Jotun Paints originated from Norway and have been a leading manufacturer of paint, coatings and powder coatings for more then 90 years. Steeped in history with high business integrity and a focus on quality product, you cannot go wrong with Jotun's range of paints and products.

Choose Gardex in Semigloss finish for classy contemporary look. Semigloss finish is recommended for wood surfaces or when there are imperfections on the surface.

  • Almost no odour during and after application
  • Drying time is optimized to ensure smooth and tough finishes every time
  • Jotun’s TrueColour Technology ensures longer lasting colours
  • Prevents unsightly and harmful fungus growth
  • Protects against rust and corrosion of metal surfaces
  • 100% Free from Heavy Metals
  • Widest range of Multicolor tintable colours to match your needs and imagination
  • 1L and 5L 

Amricco is a proud distributor of Jotun and will be glad to answer any queries you have. Visit our contact form page for more information.

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